[KPOP] #DKFC2 2014


Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 last last night (Sunday, Feb 2)! Yes this is my 2nd time of DKFC. The last time its  SNSD, EXO, Infinite, U-KISS, Tasty & Tahiti were performed at MOA Grounds. And this time its Suju-M (Super Junior Sub-unit Mandarin), BAP, BTOB, BLOCK-B, A-JAX and A-PRINCE. Special guest, Han Seung Yeon of KARA.

BTOB performed first, to be honest I’m not a fan of them. I just know them. Ilhoon, the giyomi master. And Sungjae. The rest, I dont know each members. I’m sorry.

The next one is A-JAX. Yes. I like A-JAX. My bias is JaeHyung, but he didn’t came because he’s sicked. Well, I love their looks and performance. I cried when they performed “Insane”. Cause I really want to see it live.

BLOCK-B!!! One of the craziest. Tbh, Zico is weird for me. Cause of his hairstyles before. I really like their song of “Im very very goooooood” then the “Nalina”. yeah. We’re dancing with my concert buddies. The perf again “I’m very very gooooood”.

Its A-PRINCE! They’re so cuuuute. But looks hot. Omg. I dont know them. They performed Daniel Padilla’s hit song, “Nasayo na ang lahat” and one of th hit novelty song, “Otso otso”. They are so cute dancing and singing tagalog songs.

THEN ITS ONE OF MY PURPOSE TO WATCH THIS CONCERT, ITS BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT! B-A-P! Yes! After APrince performed, I was crying and my friend keeps pat my shoulder. At last, I’ll see them performing live. Daehyun my ultimate bias, YoungJae the bias wrecker, Himchan the whitest guy, Jongup so hot, Zelo no more baby looks and Bang defines real hot! My overflowing feels for them. The whole part of their performance & intro, my tears can’t stop. I was just waving my light stick. I love you BAP. Please comeback. (PS: Its not your first time here in PH, what’s with ONE SHOT MV? Hahahah troll)

Finally, its SUJU-M. The crowd was full of Elf (SJ Fandom name). Sapphire Blue Ocean. Great and Biggest fandom ever.  I was shouting, “SIWWWWWON!” but its not Siwon, its Zhoumi 😦 Omg. I’m so sorry to his doppelganger. Oppa Oppa of EunHae is 1 of my fave.  Hello Ryeowook! My 1st bias in SJ. Henry is so cuuuute. He said, “PHILIPPINES IS THE LAUdest” Okay, your favorite.