[KPOP] INFINITE: One Great Step in Manila


Its been 3 months ago since OGS in Manila. Watched their solo concert at Araneta Coliseum (The Big Dome). Thanks to FOH Media for the pass.

I was running late going to The Dome, cause I really don’t know if I’ll watch, since they are not my UF (Ultimate Fandom).  But I really enjoyed the concert.

I got a plushy from Sung Jong (Youngest member)



And guess what, I was picking this plushy then MinWoo throws paper plane and hit my head. Omg

IMG03522-20131103-2146 IMG03499-20131103-2135 IMG03469-20131103-2054 IMG03455-20131103-2047 IMG03437-20131103-2020 IMG03433-20131103-2014 IMG03425-20131103-2008 IMG03420-20131103-2002 IMG03509-20131103-2138

Sorry for the low quality of my photos. I’m just using my Blackberry Phone. I didn’t bring any cams cause when concert I just want to sing a long and enjoy. Not to torture myself looking for a good shot of the artists. Just saying. 🙂

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See you there!

[KPOP] PKCI x AimeeLeeLucas Dance Workshop

Hello! Last October 12, 2013 at Starmall Edsa Function Hall, held the 1st cdance workshop of Aimee Lee Lucas together with PKCI (Philippine Kpop Committee Inc.).


Learned a lot about dancing. It was a great dance workshop ever! That’s why even though I’m not that good in dancing but I love it!!! So maybe practice more and love dancing *ehem* with feelings, may result to a good dancer? Am I right? (Frustrated dancer, lol)  And who among you still LSS to Sengri’s Gotta Talk To You? Hahahah =)))

Well, I have regular passes from PKCI. It’s offer to Fan Clubs Representative. Since I’m a core staff from Juniel PH & AOA PH so I grab that opportunity. But after that, Ms. Happee Sy (Happee Hour) said that I’m one of her scholars! (becuase i joined on her contest before so I tried) Yey!!! Thanks to Ms. Happee ♥

Here are some pictures taken from the workshop (cr: PKCI Facebook Page)

Introducing herself to us :)

  Introducing herself to us 🙂

Stretching time! Into Kpop Songs *Get yo! CRAY-ON!*

Stretching time! Into Kpop Songs *Get yo! CRAY-ON!*


Dance lesson~

Dance lesson~


Can you see my back? I'm that girl with pink (ugh red?) hair tips. :)

Can you see my back? I’m that girl with pink (ugh red?) hair tips. 🙂


Then after the lesson, we dance our butt off to the floor by groups. Divided into 4 groups. Then our group who presented 1st. yay! My confidence level boost up!!!

After the lesson, me and my friend Avy decided to upgrade our passes into VIp so we can join for bonding with Ms. Aimee and some fun games, also showdown! 🙂


Story telling about YG artist. And I’m laughing my ass about some funny things about Bigbang, esp TOP (yes! my bias in BigBang)

group picture with Ms. Aimee (for VIP Pass)

group picture with Ms. Aimee (for VIP Pass)

Funny, Sexy and Gorg choreo! Love yah Ms. Aimee and thank you so much :)

Funny, Sexy and Gorg choreo! Love yah Ms. Aimee and thank you so much 🙂

with Happee Hour Dance Scholars and Ms. Aimee :)

with Happee Hour Dance Scholars and Ms. Aimee 🙂

So I’m really glad to be part of this event! Thank you so much!!! Also to the sponsors, Skechers and Pulp!

PS: i’m wearing my fave running shoes from Skechers (Go Run). Its not just for run, you can also use it for dancing. Such a great shoes! I love Skechers!

Here’s some pictures of mine. Sorry I don’t have lots of pictures because I attended for a lesson not to blog it like a pro. 😀






Annyeong haseyo! ^^

I’m going to share my Kpop Republic 2013 experience. (last September 7, 2013 at Smart Araneta Coliseum)

I’m supposed to not to watch the concert because I’m suffering from fever. But my friends are pushing me to watch and don’y missed the event. My sister also, she said, “get up! and watch!”. So I decided to watch it. My sister is taking care of me, she even do a water falls braid to my hair before I headed to Araneta.

With my friends waiting… (Team Gen. Ad.)



1239726_10200775662617850_1417357871_nAs we entered to the dome… Everyone is screaming!!! And look Team Gen Ad! (compare it to Upperbox lol)


Concert is about to start…

Hosted by Christian Bautista and Ms. Jinri Park (omggg Jinri is one of my fave sexy FHM model *A*)

546956_10202008163270296_1237386836_nFirst performers, Soomin & Crispi Crunch! Really love it! People are partying! 🙂 (Crispi Crunch is B.A.P Bang Yongguk’s friend)

1233416_10202008164350323_744402466_n 1185012_10202008166390374_778108360_n

Dal Shabet… Pretty girls! I really love their Be Ambitious song & dance. Jiyul is my bias. She’s so cuuute. And Ahyoung & Serri are stunning and the rest of the members! *A*

1231491_10202008167470401_1216288854_n 1234288_10202008171350498_149394856_n 1185880_10202008170030465_1207297887_nEXO-K is next! Awwww. Fans are getting wild! EXO-stans are really great! Love it! ♥ (EXO-M should perform too :< )

1017018_10202008173830560_1719230715_n 1173861_10202008176990639_378293660_n 1185903_10202008182550778_2078234639_n 1234977_10202008185430850_85410250_n

Look, CHANBAEK! 😀 Hihihihi1237038_10202008182630780_1074627981_nAND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST. SHINee!!!! (Minus Minho ;___; )

1236395_10202008187630905_96531523_n 1237057_10202008188430925_231174945_n 1238133_10202008201031240_1183587790_n 1237080_10202008198311172_1760431004_n1238170_10202008193111042_473605468_nJonghyun is my bias! Like omggg! He’s so handsome! Its my 1st time to see SHINee. I really love their performance! Really great! I’ll look forward for SHINee WORLD TOUR if ever, please include PHILIPPINES. PLEASE. “Iponing” mode just to watch near to see them perform live. And KEY is the highlight of the night! He promised that they’ll comeback with MINHO and as OT6! (Tamin is 1st time here in the Philippines).


1238241_10202008205631355_1603681903_nThat’s all! Thank you for reading! 🙂

xoxo, Sam ♥









[!] I’M BACK

Hello. Its been a couple of months since my last post. I’ve been in hiatus mode because of school works and some kpop matters. I’ll post some of my fashion, kpop & foodtech related soon. Stay tuned ♥

Forecast: No classes today ;____;
Due to bad weather. Stay safe and stay at home ♥