[KPOP] INFINITE: One Great Step in Manila


Its been 3 months ago since OGS in Manila. Watched their solo concert at Araneta Coliseum (The Big Dome). Thanks to FOH Media for the pass.

I was running late going to The Dome, cause I really don’t know if I’ll watch, since they are not my UF (Ultimate Fandom).  But I really enjoyed the concert.

I got a plushy from Sung Jong (Youngest member)



And guess what, I was picking this plushy then MinWoo throws paper plane and hit my head. Omg

IMG03522-20131103-2146 IMG03499-20131103-2135 IMG03469-20131103-2054 IMG03455-20131103-2047 IMG03437-20131103-2020 IMG03433-20131103-2014 IMG03425-20131103-2008 IMG03420-20131103-2002 IMG03509-20131103-2138

Sorry for the low quality of my photos. I’m just using my Blackberry Phone. I didn’t bring any cams cause when concert I just want to sing a long and enjoy. Not to torture myself looking for a good shot of the artists. Just saying. 🙂

– ♥


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