[FOOD TECH] 2nd Laboratory in Food Analysis

Hello! 12/11/12

Monday again. Only Food Analysis is my class for today. So, what’s our experiment?

Our sample is MARGARINE  (the cheap one w/o brand name). We need to determine if the said margarine selling on market is an acidic or rancid.

Titration again. I miss my Analytical Chemistry. :3

Margarine diluting in a Neutral Alcohol

Titration mode: ON

Does faint pink visible? 🙂

Tadaaa! Trial 1 & 2. Almost 12ml of 0.1N solution used.

Laboratory manual

Other part of experiment. Determine if it is rancid or not. Whatever. This is not my part. kkkk~ We just titrating this.

Worded problem answers~

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading 🙂


Ciao~ ♥








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