Okay, let me share what my course all about.

Well this is not easy as you think that we’re like HRM??? Ahh. Its a BIG NO! We are more on Science & Math. Let say, a FOOD CHEMIST. (yeah, like that)

I study hard for this. And I’m aiming that soon, I’ll invent food that you’ll see at the market. (I really hope so…)

Here are some photos from WORLD and ASIA FOOD EXPO

(Attended 2012)

My favorite there are cocktail jellies, gelato, soju & sparkling water. ^^

And, this is me!

Stolen shot from my classmate, Cess 🙂 (AFEX 2012)


Corporate attire 🙂 (WOFEX 2012)


Okay, til’ next post. Ciao~!



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